FR Investigations, PLLC, founded in 1999 by former Boeing Investigator, Roger D. Montgomery is one of the oldest investigative firms in the state specializing in domestic cases.


We are a full-service private investigative firm offering professional investigative insight.  Established in Auburn, WA, we have experienced private investigators specializing in domestic, infidelity, custodial issues,  surveillance [high tech and activity monitoring], nocturnal surveillance, mobile surveillance, sub rosa, missing persons, profiling for civil litigation, asset searches, process service [hard serves a specialty], background investigations [criminal/civil], fraud investigations, Internet profiling, public records searches, courthouse searches and due-diligence.


Our P.I.'s use legal methods to document facts in a variety of matters; use of 3rd-generation night vision recently introduced. Our highly skilled researchers use public and private sources to find the information needed for your court case. We know where to obtain and how to document this information to provide the best possible testifiable results.


Over the years our professional investigative insight has provided a significant edge regarding information for our cases.


Roger D. Montgomery, Owner / Principal FRInvestigations, PLLC former President of PNAI (Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators), former President (4 years) of WALI (Washington Association of Legal Investigators), provides full range consulting services for our clients embroiled in dissolution, allegations of domestic violence and child-custody issues. With offices in Bellevue, Federal Way and Tacoma, we serve the entire Puget Sound area.


NEW Tacoma Office: 1201 Pacific Ave., Suite 600

Tacoma, WA 98402


March 2014

 A couple years ago, I noticed some suspicious activities among business associates.  I called F.R.I. and met with Alexis.  I quickly discovered that both she and her partner [Roger] have seen it all and know how to get right to work on your behalf.  I got the answers I needed within days. I was also surprised at how far they made the dollars go. I have since used their services for other needs, and each time I have been pleased to discover how well they are hooked up to get to the bottom of things.  I strongly recommend the services of F.R.I. if you need to "get to the bottom" of something.

Dr. Erwin L. Gemmer

Silverdale, WA



My name is John. In October 2009, I had contacted FR Investigation to help me with a family matter. I talked to both Roger and Alexis about my situation that my wife left and had taken the kids with her to stay with her domestic partner whom had a history of violence. I was very worried for the safety of my children. Both Roger and Alexis were very patient and understanding. They promised that they would do everything they can to help me get the children back. It took a lot of time and hard work they were able to get the children back to me. They even help me with filing all the paperwork and testified in court. Without their help, I would not able to get my children back. I feel very grateful for everything that they had done. We had become good friends. I never forget that the day I got my children back, Alexis was so happy that she cried. It had been more than four years now but I still in contact with them. I send them the pictures and updates on the children. All I can say about their service is that they are not only very professional and dedication about their work, but they also care very much 




March 2008

  We just completed today what was almost a ten year struggle.  Today the papers were signed giving us full custody of Mikayla

 As we sit and reflect on the last years we can’t help but be in awe of the amazing people who made this possible.

   Each of you played an intricate role…..We know now Mikayla will have the future she has and right to, and deserves. 

 Alexis and Roger, You were with us for the long haul, from the beginning.  You too went above and beyond.   

   We are very blessed to have all of you in our lives and we thank you for being our "Angel" we needed one the most.  When Mikayla needed one the most. 


God bless you,

The Harden Family


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